Private Bridal Appointments

"There is nothing to improve!! The service and attentiveness was outstanding!!"



At The Wedding Bell, we know that most brides want to be treated like a princess while shopping for the bridal gown of their dreams. This is why we have decided to open our doors for prearranged "Private Bridal Appointments" outside of our regular business hours. If a bride decides to schedule one of our private bridal appointments, she will have the whole store to herself without any distractions or other customers.

The pros of a private appointment, besides having the store to yourself, are that you will get our undivided attention while we help you select your bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses. We will also serve complimentary sparkling apple cider, juice, or soda along with light snacks. The bride is treated to a Wedding Bell logo tote bag filled with all the necessary items to start planning her wedding and a $100 gift certificate*.

There is a $150 non-refundable booking fee to schedule your private bridal appointment, and this includes a *$100 gift certificate that can be applied towards any bridal gown or four or more bridesmaids dresses.  Please note that there is not a charge for regular appointments.  To schedule a bridal appointment for yourself or for a loved one (they make a great gift!), simply call us today at 253-759-2513. 

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