"Pleasant, precise, and extremely professional service!  I would definitely recommend The Wedding Bell to any future bride and wedding party or to anyone looking for wedding formal attire!  Great selection and reasonable prices!"


Here are just a few of our customer comments....


“Today was AMAZING!!!!  Thank you to Amanda for helping me say "Yes to the Dress."  I couldn't be more excited!  Now to wait 9 months to wear it. *SIGH*"

"Brittany was absolutely the best and I am so glad I had the chance to work with her. I was open minded thus finding the most beautiful dress!!"

"Thera was AMAZING! She made me and my party feel so comfortable with her warm personality. She was clearly knowledgeable on the store's inventory and was able to bring out dress selections efficiently, and help me quickly narrow down which style of dress I loved most. She was clearly well versed on store products, services and policies and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Following our visit my entire party commented on how wonderful Thera was to work with.  I fully enjoyed my time at The Wedding Bell and wouldn't have changed a thing."

"I found the perfect dress for the military ball, the prices were reasonable, and Dawna was absolutely amazing!  Thank you!!!!!"

"Jessica honestly was the most wonderful person to work with. I was so nervous to find a dress, but she made it so easy and fun.  She is AWESOME.  Seriously pulled exactly what I was looking for!"

"It was an excellent experience! I can't think of anything that should change."

"Dawna was awesome, especially since I was a more unusual client. I tried to be as low maintenance as possible, but she treated me just like a regular client. I think that says a lot about her and the business as a whole!  Once Dawna knew what I was looking for, she was great at pulling samples that matched the styles, fabrics, and colors I was interested in."

"The service was great and our consultant was amazing. I wouldn't change anything."

"We loved the selection and the service at the Wedding Bell. I described what I was looking for, and Thera pulled a random dress off a shelf for me to try, and I LOVED it! She has a great eye for what will look great on people!"

"Thera was awesome! I had never tried on dresses before and felt like she really understood what I was looking for. By asking me what I did and didn't like she was able to narrow down something that can be very overwhelming. I felt completely taken care of, and even though I had a lot of questions- she always answered them in full detail and made me feel comfortable to ask questions, or explain what I did and did not like. She was wonderful!"

"I am highly pleased with the service communication and attention to detail as well as listening skills Thera showed. Thank you so much!"

"Thera was nothing short of amazing. She honed right in on what it was my daughter was looking for. Thera was very helpful in determining if the dress we loved could be altered from one with straps to a strapless. Whatever we needed, whatever questions we had, Thera took care of. We will be back soon with daughter #2. Totally loved our experience in your shop.  I was really impressed with Thera. I have been in sales for almost 40 years and currently own and operate a business that includes a sales staff. I know a good sales person when I experience one and Thera is very skilled at what she does.  You have a well stocked shop and wonderful staff. I'm sure you are very proud of this business you should be."

"Shana helped me and she was incredibly attentive, calm and knowledgeable. Every dress she pulled was better than my favorites from previous stores. She had a good energy. She picked an amazing necklace and veil to complement the 2 dresses I liked best which I ended up purchasing. Overall, she was amazing and it was by far the best experience I had of the three stores I shopped at."

"Employees were very kind and helpful."

"I enjoyed my experience.  Lauren was very kind and helpful."

"I am so lucky to have had Thera as my consultant. I was kind of a pain in the butt and she knew exactly how to deal with me. I probably wouldn't have succeeded in finding thee dress if it wasn't for her! Thanks Thera! You're amazing :))"

"Thera was amazing and made me feel comfortable. I couldn't have picked a better consultant to help me find my dress."

"Shelly was wonderful to work with! She really knew what she was talking about and helped me feel confident in my decisions. I felt I could really trust her judgment. I would recommend my friends to work with her if they go to The Wedding Bell!"

"Shana was absolutely wonderful! I will highly recommend her to all of my gal friends who become engaged in the future."

"Hillary was beyond amazing and I am forever grateful for her patience, honesty and determination with helping me find my "perfect" dress.  I feel it's important to really empathize how much Hillary helped make my dress experience successful. She was just perfect and listened to everything I was saying, and not saying to figure out what I needed."

"My initial phone conversation was with Morgan. She was polite and answered all of my questions.  Rodney was the consultant that assisted me with my purchase and he was also polite and knoledgeable. We have gone to several bridal salons during this process and your staff was by far the most polite and professional!"

"Thera was GREAT.  Very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend the shop to friends who were looking. Overall, it is a lovely shop, and I would highly recommend it to anyone."

"Kathy, I wanted to thank you for the hard work you put into my dress sooner, but newly wed life has been busier than I thought!  I came to you in a panic the week of my wedding afraid that my dress would never look the way I wanted it to.  I was so relieved.  After leaving that day -not only because I knew you would ensure everything was just right, but because you had such a positive outlook on my entire wedding process and made me feel so at ease.  I appreciate everything you did for me, and I hope that every bride has someone like you to help them go past the speed bumps that often pop up when planning "the biggest day of your life."  You are amazing, and so is The Wedding Bell.  I will now send all of my friends to you if I am ever asked!  Sincerely, Johnna"

"My sister-in-law bought here dress from your store and recommended I make an appt! I bought the first dress I tried on because it was EXACTLY what I wanted and I had a great appointment with so much help and input from the consultant!"

"Place is great, very happy with everything and the ladies were amazing and helpful!!!"

"Hillary was awesome! My vision of my dress (for a destination wedding) limited my options but she had dresses in mind that weren't in the store yet. We made another appointment so I can try them on. Being on a smaller budget, she was very upfront with me about the prices of a couple dresses so I did not fall in love and have to walk away from a dress. I appreciated her honesty and did not feel like just another sale to her."

"Thera was awesome!! She did an excellent job finding me the perfect dress. I came in with an idea in my head of what I wanted and an open mind. Thera was great at using what I said I loved and didn't care for to find the perfect dress. I would highly recommend her!!"

"Thera was amazing. She was very knowledgable about the dresses and pulled great options based on the type of dress I described to her. She is the reason I would refer a friend to The Wedding Belle. :)  Had a wonderful experience.  Wouldn't change anything!"

"I was shocked how well Lauren did in picking out dresses for me to try on by just asking me a few questions! The dress that I ended up buying is not a dress I would've picked out myself so I'm so glad she really knew what she was doing. It is the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen! I'm still amazed at how well she did!! There was another woman that was in the room too after the dress was already on that was great, too!  There's really nothing to improve on! I had a great time yesterday!"

"I simply wanted to let you know that she was FANTASTIC! She was knowledgeable, patient, kind, compassionate and had lovely taste.  She listened to my ideas, provided valuable feedback and suggestions and graciously obliged my requests to try my "finalists" on several times! I am so thankful I was connected with Thera to help guide me through such a major purchase. I look forward to recommending her to other brides."

"Danielle was amazing!!! She asked what I was looking for and the first dress I tried on I purchased!  I think everything was great!"

"My consultant was charming in every way. I absolutely loved working with her, and I am very grateful for all the help she gave me. I was completely comfortable and she made it very easy to express what I was looking for. I could thank her a thousand times!"

"Thera was AWESOME!"

"I absolutely adore, Hillary! I instantly felt safe, comfortable, & happy when she greeted me. I trusted her advice and opinion. I didn't feel insecure with her in the dressing room. She made me feel confidant and didn't pressure me into a decision. I felt like we were long time friends after a few minutes working together. I can't wait to work with her again for the other bridal party members' needs! Hillary is a rock star! Love her!  So far my experience has been pleasant and I love my consultant, Hillary."

"When I walked into the shop, I was wowed by the shop I loved how the layout was.  I really enjoyed working with Thera, and she helped me find my dream dress. She was a great listener in what I was looking for.  I enjoyed my visit at the wedding bell and wouldn't change a thing!"

"I've driven by the wedding bell every day for the past ten years and I've always wanted to go in!  Thera was fantastic! She helped me with all of my little problems, like helping me hide the tattoo I didn't want showing in my dress.  I really enjoyed my time at the wedding bell."

"Rodney is great!"

"I have already referred a friend to make an appointment for her wedding gown!"

"We had a great day.  The Tres Chic staff was welcoming, knowledgeable , easy to work with.  Would highly recommend your store to others!"

"Shana was GREAT! She was super friendly!"

"I had an awesome experience at your store! Definitely will be coming back to try more dresses in a few months!"

"I thought my experience with the Wedding Bell was great! I enjoyed the personal attention I received and valued the honest, open communication with my bridal consultant. If my bridesmaids lived in the area to try on some dresses,, I would most definitely bring them to the Wedding Bell to experience what I experienced."

"My daughter, who is very shy, felt very comfortable with Rodney. She said he was awesome and didn't make her feel awkward like she felt at another store with their abrupt salespeople."

"Dawna was a great help! We had so many dresses that we were interested in trying on for my matron of honor, but she offered great pointers about each dress! We were able to make a choice on which one we liked the most with her help. "

"My consultant was fantastic! We got along great and I felt like she really understood what I wanted and helped make it happen!"

"Shana was amazing. She took my ideas and turned yhem into my dream dress. I am so thankful for her and the rest of your staff. They are all extremely helpful and make you feel very comfortable and treat you like a princess."

"My appointment was perfectly lovely! I found an incredible dress and I am excited to wear it on my big day. Shana was wonderful and helped me find my perfect dream dress. Thank you guys for everything!"

"Hillary is incredible! I'm a picky pageant girl so I really felt like my gown had to have something extra. She totally stuck with me! Knew what to pull right after I said I didn't like a certain aspect of a dress. She found my perfect gown and it makes me want to get married tomorrow! THANK YOU HILLARY! I adore you!"

"Hillary was absolutely amazing. She listened to what I wanted and pulled the most perfect dress! I also had a somewhat difficult guest with me and Hillary handled her very well, making sure to listen to my needs and remind her that this is my dress, not hers."

"Hillary helped me the day I arrived.  She was phenominal, perfectly complimented my family and friend's personalities.  Couldn't have had more perfect employee to help me.  Made me feel very comfortable and natural and gave me her honest opinion which I super appreciate considering I had 20 different opinions coming at me.  Loved the experience!  Would/will recommend over and over!!!  Love, The Bride, Dannette"

"I worked with Shana and she was amazing! She was very laid back and easy to talk with. She made me feel like I was her number one customer as well as a friend. She listened to my comments on each dress and picked a great variety of items for me to try on while being careful not to overwhelm me with choices. She did an amazing job!"

"Shelly was amazing! It was obvious she was very experienced and knew everything about your dresses. She offered a lot of recommendations. Not one time did I feel like I was being pushed into a sale. She asked tons of questions about my style and her selection matched my taste. The very first dress I showed my mom, sister, and maid of honor, was the one and way beyond my expectations!! I look forward to working with Shelly for future fittings and appointments!"

"I can only speak for the consultant that helped us, and as mentioned before, she was wonderful, graceful and attentive to our needs as bridesmaids, we can honestly say we enjoyed trying on dresses with Susie! It made the experience fun!!"

"The store was amazing!  After visiting D****'s Bridal, I was glad that Shelly listened to what I was looking for. After each dress, I mentioned things I liked or didn't like and she was able to narrow dresses down. She had a good eye for all the dresses! David's bridal had you look through racks of dresses, it was mentally draining!!!! Keep up the good work, I had no complaints!"

"My experience exceeded my expectations!"

"Siri definitely knew all about the wedding bell and how to make me feel comfortable. I knew what I wanted in a dress, and the first one I tried on I loved so it was very easy but I tried on a few others to get a good feel for what else was out there!  You guys do a wonderful job!! Thanks for the great experience!"

"It was great! Went to D****'s Bridal first, and it was night and day! Thanks!!!"

"Siri was SO professional and kind. Everyone there was so friendly - very impressed!!  The store and personnel are GREAT!"

"First of all, a huge thank you for the fantastic service back in July when I picked up my dress - it's stunning, I love it, and can't wait till I actually get to wear it!"

"Speechless...  Came in and found my dress right away!  Such a great experience and one I won't forget.  Everyone, thank you!  Especially Hillary!  Thank you, Thank you! - Bianca"

"The Wedding Bell was the exact experience that it should be!  Hillary was friendly, informative, and awesome!!  I am so happy that I chose to come to The Wedding Bell.  The dress is perfect!  - Emily"

"Rachel was so beautiful in her dress, thank you for everything.  It was the dress of her dreams, all 10 layers and all!"

"Hillary was amazing! She was comfortable and easy to work with. I was super nervous and she calmed me down and helped to find the perfect wedding dress. We brought in quite a few people and she was able to manage and talk/work with everyone's personality and opinions. Loved her!"

"I was so thrilled that I never felt pressured here. I know the goal is to sell dresses and make a profit. That's the point of a business. But you got my business without guilt or pressure."

"When I first came to The Wedding Bell, Hillary was the most friendly, fun little lady I've met!  She made me feel so awesome with her spunky personality!  I've come back a few times, and she's always been so great!  Helped me out more than I could have asked for.  I'm so, so happy that I got my dress here!  I wll always recommend The Wedding Bell to anyone I know.  Thank you all so much.  You've made the process amazing.  And, special thanks to Hillary - you're the best!  Much peach and love!"

"I found my dress here!  It was my dream dress - everything I ever wanted!  They helped me stay true to myself and to my vision.  I am so thrilled!  All I can say is that it is perfect!! - Jana"

"Hillary was AMAZING!!!  I had gone to other places and the service/quality and attention I received didn't compare.  She was patient, encouraging, and did a great job sharing her wisdom, experience, and knowledge.  I would absolutely recommend her and The Wedding Bell.  Thank you so much for helping me find the most important garment I will ever wear all while fitting in my time crunch and budget. - Jenn"

"Susie, Thank you so much for all of your help.  What a fun time and so easy!  Thanks again! - Courtney"

"I called the Wedding Bell Tres Chic this morning in need of a last minute bridesmaid dress. I talked to Danielle, and she told me she had three of the type of dress I was looking for. Before I drove out there, she asked me if I was traveling far. I told her I was coming from Graham. She suggested that before I drive out there that she would send me pictures of the three dresses. She did so promptly! One of the dresses was perfect! I called her back, and she held it for me! When I got there she was very kind, knew who I was, and treated me with the utmost respect. I was extremely impressed with her customer service skills and overall friendliness. I will definitely be back and refer all my friends to her! Thank you to Danielle for a wonderful experience! I hope she goes far with your company!"

"Thank you!  My experience at The Wedding Bell with Hillary was amazing.  She was very personable and made me feel comfortable the minute I walked in the door.  She knew the styles that would fit my body shape as well as the styles that I would like.  I am so thankful for my experience with Hillary and would recommend her to anyone.  Thanks!  Krysta"

"Danielle was very accommodating with scheduling. We had a small window and made sure she fit us in! Danielle listened to what I was looking for and found me the perfect dress under my budget!"

"I wasn't the girl who felt like I would try on a dress and know it was "the one."  I came to The Wedding Bell, and Denise was great.  I found a dress I loved, but felt the need to keep looking.  After visiting 4 other stores,  found myself back at The Wedding Bell to try on that dress.  Hillary helped me that time and brought me a few other options since I still wasn't sold.  I tried on the second dress and, low and behold, I finally got that feeling!  It was "the one"!  Thank you so much Hillary!  I am so happy to have found a dress that is perfect for me!  Kylee"

"This experience was absolutely amazing!  Hillary had a better understanding of what I was looking for than I had when I first walked in.  I was very vague in what I thought I liked, but Hillary picked dresses that were just right.  It didn't take more than a few tried before we found the perfect dress.  This was such a fun and easy process, and I couldn't imagine things going smoother.  She even found all the perfect accessories.  I came here feeling overwhelmed and clueless, I left feeling like a bride.  Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for helping me find my wedding gown.  I went to many stores and tried on lots of gowns; not only was this dress my favorite, but your store was my favorite.  Hillary was great!  She was kind and welcoming.  She shared her expertise with me, but I also felt like she really respected my opinions, which is something I didn't find at some other stores.  The dress that I fell in love with was the only one I tried that was double my budget (go figure).  I love my dress!  I love this store, and I would recommend it to any bride looking for her dress.  Thank you!"

"Thank you so very much in helping me find the perfect wedding dress for our wedding on August 11, 2012. The tailor was great, and so was the staff. Thanks again, Brooke and Chris"

"Susie - Thank you so much for your wonderful help!  I walked in and you pinned down just the exact dresses I liked.  It was such a fun, wonderful experience, and you were so helpful!  I can't wait to come back and pick it up!  Thanks, Katie"

"Hanya is amazing!  No, everything was perfect. I wouldn't change a thing."

"I wanted to write a little note to tell you how much my family and I enjoyed our experience in your store. It was truly amazing to us. I also want to say
a BIG thank you to Siri! She was sooo awesome! She was patient with me and when I finally stopped being stubborn she held my hand and helped me make some really good choices in dresses. I am so impressed with her. She's brilliant! Thank you again for having a great shop and really helping this
experience with my Mom and sisters. It was the first time we had every done anything like this, so it was very special. I look forward to hearing from Siri regarding the dresses I liked, and I look forward to working with your sister store on the bride maids dresses. "

"This was my fist experience trying on wedding gowns, and it was a wonderful experience. My consultant really listened to what I was looking for but still suggested new dresses that I liked even better! I can't wait until my mom is able to come with me in May to try on the gowns that I ended up loving!"

"I had a great time. It was my first time looking at wedding dresses and I have a lot better understanding of what I like now. Everyone was very friendly and made the experience great!"

"Siri was WONDERFUL!! I had a idea of what I wanted, before I knew it she found the dress of my dreams! She wasn't pushy at all, which made the experience very relaxing. Everybody that was with me loved her, and we all enjoyed having her help us. She did a great job!" 

"Our time at The Wedding Bell was a true delight.  Back in 1973 - I got my dress here; so it was great to see my daughter so happy with her decision.  Hanya was great to work with, full of knowledge, and good ideas.  She was patient with us, which we needed.  Thanks for a wonderful once in a lifetime experience!"

"Susie listened to every detail I asked for and never brought me anything that I said I didn't want. She had patience and was never pushy. I was never pressured into trying something on that I didn't like on the hanger. Susie made it an awesome experience."

"It was a wonderful experience over all. My expectations were exceeded! Shelley was helpful and patient. She listened to me describe my ideal dress and found the perfect one."

"I worked with Shelley, and she was wonderful! Very helpful and knowledgeable, not pushy at all. Shelly made the whole experience very enjoyable!"

"My consultant was Siri:) She was great!"

"I thought the bridal gown experience was exceptional. The best customer service I received compared to the other stores I had been to. Hanya really listened to me and asked questions about me and my engagement which made it personal and memorable."

"Lisa and The Wedding Bell - The Wedding Bell did an amazing job helping me find my dress!  Lisa was very sweet and just understood what I was looking for.  The atmosphere was fun, and I'm so excited they helped me find my gorgeous dress!  Thank you!"

"Amanda did an AWESOME job! She was so fun to work with!  I purchased my dress on Sunday! No other store or dress could hold a candle to the dress and experience I received at the Wedding Bell."

"Shelly was professional, helpful, patient, and actually listened to what I wanted in my dress. I'm plus sized and was very nervous about trying on dresses when most are "sample" size. She made everything very comfortable, and did her best to show me what a dress would look like on me if it was a little "snug" to actually try on. I actually ended up buying the dress I first tried on (and she chose based on what I told her I wanted) and I couldn't be happier. Shelly was amazing! I had an amazing experience and I really can't think of anything to improve on! Thanks so much for everything! ;)"

"Hanya was so helpful in finding the perfect wedding dress.  Not only did she find me beautiful, flattering dresses, but also used my preferences to find styles I hadn't considered.  She made my decision very easy by finding the most amazing dress for my occasion.  I cannot wait to wear my wonderful gown on my wedding day!"

"Had a great experience at The Wedding Bell.  Great customer service, great dresses, clean and well-organized.  Found my dress with no stress - I'd recommend them to anyone!  Also, good selection of short dresses."

"Tamera was very sweet and matched my needs by the 4th gown she put me into! I was very pleased with her cooperation with getting us what we needed, considering our financial situation. She communicated to us very well, had a lot of enthusiasm, and was very passionate in the customer service department. She was the perfect consultant! I will definitely recommend her to future bride's-to-be! :)"

"Hanya:  Thank you so much for all your help finding such a great dress!  You picked out such amazing choices.  You did a great job choosing dresses that fit my style and wedding.  I felt very comfortable with you, and I felt like you really listened to what I wanted in a dress.  I greatly enjoyed my time here.  Thank you again!"

"I worked with a fabulous sales associate who is such a down to Earth person.  She made me feel comfortable, and I enjoyed working with her to find my perfect dress!  My girlfriend and I really enjoyed her introduction on the dresses she brought to me.  What an amazing person, and I can't wait to work with her again!  You can tell that Tammy enjoys what she does!  I'm so happy I found my dress!  Thank you, Tammy!"

"I had a wonderful experience at The Wedding Bell.  The dresses that Hanya picked were just what I asked for, and I found the perfect dress out of the bunch.  Thank you for helping me find the dress of my dreams!"

"Kim, Thank you so much for donating to THE GIG - Your generosity helped to raise over $14,000.  This will make an impact in our community.  Thanks again! - United Way of Pierce County"

"I had the best experience today.  I felt like Hanya really cared about finding me the perfect dress!  She had a great attitude and let me try on some of the same dresses many times without any fuss.  I had a great time with her today.  It was very special like it's supposed to be!  Thank you!"

"I love The Wedding Bell, they are all so great.  Tammy is so comforting and will always be there for you whenever you need her!  I will tell everyone how great this experience was for me.  Thank you!!"

"Hanya did an amazing job!  She made sure I knew what to expect before we started and gave me lots of options.  I loved that she let me show off all the different dresses but seemed to understand the style I was really going for.  I think I've got the best dress!  Thanks, Hanya!"

"What a wonderful experience finding the perfect dress!  After much searching, I found "the one" and cannot wait to show it off at the wedding!"

"Thank you Lisa!  You found my dress right away - the first one I tried on!  All of your suggestions were so beautiful and fitting for me - and, even so, the perfect one stood out.  Thank you for making today so easy and enjoyable!  I can't wait!"

"My wedding dress experience today was fun and easy!  Ashley listened to what I wanted, is knowledgeable about her inventory as well as what best suits the bride (me).  I appreciated her input, and I left with a dress that I'm so excited about!"

"Shelly was amazing, super patient with me, and able to find exactly what I was looking for.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience finding a dress!  Thank you so much for all of the help."

"Thank you so much Wedding Bell!  I had the most wonderful experience.  I had been to 2 other bridal shops prior to my visit to Wedding Bell, and neither one had near the awesome consultant I had at Wedding Bell.  I was very impressed with Lisa S.  She listened to what I wanted and pulled dresses that matched my vision.  She was also very creative and helped come up with ways to make the dress even more beautiful and unique.  I will recommend Wedding Bell to my friends!"

"The benefits are unbeliveable.  The veil I saw was gorgeous, and I got a discount due to purchasing my wedding gown there.  Made everything so much easier. Including shipping my dress to California where my wedding will take place.  Your organization and staff has made everything so much easier for me.  My Mother-in-law and maid of honor are flying out just to see the dress and hopefully find themself a dress.  Thank you!"

"Had an amazing time here!  And found my perfect dress.  Lisa was wonderful and made me feel very welcome and special.  I can't wait to wear the dress on my wedding day!!!  Thank you Wedding Bell!"

"Kim - I just wanted to say that we received the dress.  I can honestly say that I have never had such pleasurable communication with anyone regarding an order and such pleasant feedback when I had questions.  I really want to say a special thanks to you; it would be a pleasure to purchase from you if I ever get the opportunity to do so again."

"I found the one.  Exactly what I asked for: simple, flattering, and WOW.  Thanks, Shelly!"

"Loved Amanda!  She helped me find the perfect dress and found the dress that turned what I was trying to express in words into a reality!  Very friendly and attentive to myself and family!"

"Shelly listened to exactly what I was looking for in a dress and was able to find it in the first three dresses.  Everyone was helpful, yet gave space as well, and I didn't feel rushed or pressured into buying anything."

"Thanks, Amanda!  You are the best! :-)  I found the dress that I love.  The Wedding Bell is the best in Puget Sound."

"Shelly was wonderful.  I found my perfect dress.  I was very happy with my experience.  Shelly was very attentive and willing to help with what I needed.  Thank you!"

"Hanya was wonderful.  I am a very indecisive person, and she was not pushy or making me try on more dresses than I wanted.  I was very happy with my outcome and excited to wear my dress."

"Amanda - I want to thank you sooooooo much for helping me find the perfect dress!  I cannot wait for the fitting and to try it on again."

"Danielle is who I bought my wedding dress from, and I absolutely love her. She was more than helpful, and I can't thank her enough for making my experience the best! She had great follow up and wanted the best for me :) Thanks Danielle!"

"Kim - I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how thrilled I was with my experience, and ultimate purchase, at your shop on the 21st. Your sales associate Hillary is an absolute doll. You have a real gem on your hands. She listened to all of my concerns and found me several gorgeous dresses that fit all of my needs. Being plus size I expected that shopping for my wedding dress would be a nightmare. Hillary made the whole experience truly memorable for me from start to finish. The tears that I experienced were tears of joy rather than frustration. It truly helped to make the process of planning my wedding that much more enjoyable. Being in a customer service oriented job myself I know what it means when someone tells me "job well done" . For Hillary it was beyond job well done. Please pass on my continued thanks and gratitude for all she did to help me."

“My consultant, Hanya was great! She made me feel very comfortable and was very helpful!  My alterations were great!  The dress turned out beautiful!!"

"After many tries, I found "the one."  Thank you, Shelly!"

"Ashley was extremely helpful! She was honest with me on the fit of each dress and how it looked on me. She really wanted to help find "The Dress."  No salesperson pressure which was very nice! Luckily, I did find "The Dress" and I am SO EXCITED! Thank you The Wedding Bell!"

“Amanda was wonderful.  The dresses that I thought I would like did not work at all, so I told her to bring me her picks.... and boy did she nail it!  Something I would never have picked on the rack looked absolutely wonderful.  All I can say is Thank You!"

“Before arriving to The Wedding Bell, I was very nervous and not looking forward to trying on dresses.  Ashley introduced herself to our group and asked all kinds of questions.  She heard what I liked and didn't like, and I was trying on dresses!  I tried on 8 dresses, but #2 was "the one!"  Ashley fixed me up so I looked like a bride.  When I started to cry was when I knew I found my dress.  Ashley, you are amazing!!"

"Amanda made me feel special. Rather than just trying to sell me a dress, she made a small relationship with me by talking to me about my fiance, where I work (etc) and her stories of when she got married. The atmosphere was relaxed and it helped me make my decision."

"The experience was awesome!! I love how big and classy your dressing rooms were. I went to other wedding retailers, and I felt as if I were crammed into a small box. Your consultants are absolutly wonderful, I came into the store with no clue of what I might want to wear on my wedding day, the consultant brought the most amazing dresses to try on, and, the instant I put on the one, I ended up buying. I knew it was the one and never second guessed my decision. THANK YOU!!"

"My consultant was Shelly, and I absolutley loved her. She made me feel so special, I left telling all my friends and family how amazing the experience was one of the best days of my life. My mom and I loved shelly, she had fun and helped in my decision-making and made me feel so comfortable and at ease and excited. You guys have a great consultant on your team. She was the best! :) I cant wait to see her again when the dress comes in."

"The Wedding Bell is an amazing place, they are great with their customers.  I don't think there needs to be a change at all."

"Dear Amanda, Thanks so much for helping me find the perfect dress.  I searched for weeks and found nothing until I walked into your shop.  You're an amazing woman.  I can't wait for my special day, and it's all thanks to you!!"

"Great Friendly Service!! Helpful, too! Thank you!"

"I absolutely loved working with Ashley. She was amazingly helpful. We must have gone through 50 dresses, but she never lost her smile. She helped me find the perfect dress, and I could not be happier."

"My experience at The Wedding Bell was amazing compared to the other bridal salons I visited.  It was the only bridal salon where I didn't have to sort through the hundreds of racks trying to pick out a dress. At The Wedding Bell, the dresses were picked for me, and they were exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone shopping for the perfect gown!"

"The Wedding Bell is the best, they fill all your dress needs, things I would have never thought of."

" Hi Kim! I just wanted to let you know that I've had such a GREAT experience dealing with everyone at your store! From the initial phone call I made to schedule an appointment and through my selection process, Ashley and your staff have been wonderful. I'm new to WA so I wasn't able to bring anyone to my appt but Ashley and Jessie filled that void for me. Ashley took such an interest in me & from that she was able to figure out what dress would suit me and my personality best. No doubt you've got a great management staff! I can't thank you all enough! It's been an experience that I'll always fondly remember!  I honestly don't think Ashley could improve in any area. She was just perfect from the dress to the accessories to the shoes! Thanks, Ashley!"

"Danielle was fabulous. She found my dress in an hour. It was something I never would have chosen but it is exactly the dress I wanted. I was a little self-conscious because I am not a size 2 but she made me feel so at ease I forgot about it. I was dreading this experience but it was a piece of cake and I believe it is all due to Danielle!"

"Rebekah was very friendly and helpful! We had a good experience! Thank you, Rebekah!"

"Amanda was amazing! She was very friendly and helpful. She made excellent selections of dresses for me to try on."

"Ashely was great! She helped me with a few gowns that I had described and I was able to get exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend this place!"

"I loved Jessie! She was great, I will be making an appointment for my bridesmaids soon and will make sure to have it with her."

"Rebekah was wonderful today! She knew exactly what I wanted and the first dress she found ended up being the winner. I would come back to her any day she made this prom dress experience amazing!"

"We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Rebekah! She was very fun, lovely, and personable. She made my Daughter feel very comfortable! Thank you!"

"Amanda was amazing! I showed up without an appointment and, even though she was booked with appointments, Amanda fit me in so that I could try on the dress of my dreams. Thank You!"

"All the help was outstanding! So very knowledgeable! I will always refer! Thanks again!"

"My experience with Ashley at your store was perfect! She was so attenative and really worked with all my requests and called around finding out information for me as I was on a time crunch. The first time I came in I did not buy anything because I was really set on white and needed to buy an in stock dress. I emailed her the next day about other options and she immediately got back to me with all the information. I really wanted to buy from her because her customer service was so great. Also since I was alone in trying on dresses she had great opinions and a great sense of style. She had so many great ideas and was so helpful. I ended up finding a dress on my second appointment and a veil. I will be back before we leave to get married to have her help with accesories! I loved your store and Ashley!"

"Danielle's amazing. I love working with her. She makes me feel comfortable and confident in each gown. She really helps me when I'm confused or stressing about choices. She doesn't rush me into making decisions, which I love. And she's really cute!! I don't think she has to improve on anything."

"I cannot articulate how wonderful my experience at the Wedding Bell was. I was a little apprehensive about shopping for wedding dresses (I will be 5 months pregnant at my wedding) and was having a hard time getting excited about the whole experience. That totally changed as soon as I walked into the door of the store. We were greeted by a friendly face who directed us to Ashley our consultant. She made me feel totally comfortable and was able to help me find the PERFECT dress in under 20 minutes. Instead of ushering is out the door she spent the rest of the hour finding me the perfect shoes, bolero, and accessories. I couldn't have asked for more or have been more satisfied with the caliber of customer service and quality of dresses. Thank you!"

"Everything was perfect! Thank you!"

"Danielle was great! She had me try on a number of dresses and provided honest feedback. She was efficient in contacting the designer to see what extra lace would cost so that I could add cap sleeves. After the gown was purchased, she e-mailed me a picture of the dress right after I called. Thanks Danielle!"

"Danielle really listened and found me the dress of my dreams!"

"Ashley was fabulous! I am so grateful for this experience and had a wonderful time. My mom and I are crying, we are so excited! So many thanks!"

"Ashley did such a good job helping me find my dress in my style and that I loved! She also picked the perfect veil/earrings/necklace to go with my dress! I am so happy with everything!"

"Ashley Was absolutly amazing! I am so happy and I had no idea it would be so easy! I love my Dress! She knew exactly what I was looking for! Thank you The Wedding Bell!"

"Everything was Perfect!"

"Thank you! GREAT service!"

"I just wanted to take the time to Thank You for such an amazing experience this past Saturday. You were absolutely wonderful! I ended up going to D***** B***** and could not stop comparing the dress that I found at your store with all the other ones that I was trying on. The service that we received at D***** B***** was not even comparable to what you provided me, as well. You did an awesome job at helping me find "the dress."

"My experience was AMAZING. I found a dress I loved and am so glad I came to the Wedding Bell! Thank you so much!"

"She was such a sweetheart and made everything so much more enjoyable. I was originally very overwhelmed and stressed out, but she was perfect!"

"Lacey - Thank you so much for being so proactive and helpful. 10am Saturday would be wonderful, and thank you again for scheduling it and being flexible. I'm so relieved you have other la femme dresses and would love to try those on as well as other prom dresses and bridal gowns. Thank you so much for taking the time to research what dresses you have that meet my needs and preferences. You are stellar and truly an asset to your company! Thanks again and I look forward to coming in on Saturday!"

"Thank you so much for sponsoring Delaney's dress for the High School America National Pageant!  Delaney chose a Tony Bowls that is featured in the Cool Book.  It is a print with many bold colors. The ladies at your shop are awesome."

"I got home from my appointment today and was thinking about the wonderful experiences I have had at the Wedding Bell. I want to say THANK YOU and your entire staff for all of your help. There is a lot of planning happening right now for my wedding and the one thing I look forward to out of all the appointments are my dress appointments. Every time I walk into the store I feel like the world revolves around me and it is such a great feeling. The entire staff is always there willing to lend a helping hand or say 'Hi' when I walk through the door. I enjoy and look forward to each and every time I need to come down to Tacoma to do something with my dress or bridesmaids dresses. I would also like to let you know how special Jessie is. I have worked with her the most through this whole process and she is WONDERFUL! Myself, my bridesmaids and my mom have all been very thankful for her help through all of this. She truly listens and understands everything I want and need to make each appointment very successful. I just wanted to say Thank you and let you know how much I appreciate you all at the Wedding Bell. I look forward to all the sizing and other things to come.  PS- my mom feels the same way. She has been there through this whole process with me and she appreciates all the hard work and is excited to see how happy I am.  THANK YOU!"

"I wanted to express my gratitude with the help I received from Ashley and Erin. Both ladies were incredibly professional and classy, had exceptional taste, and were impressive as consultants. They were able to pick dresses to my taste and are obviously specialists in this field. I wasn't even sure what I wanted but thanks to their help I found the dress of my dreams. Thank you again for making me so comfortable, helping me find the perfect dress, and for giving my mom and I such a great experience."

" Jessie was awesome! She was so helpful, knowledgeable, & just very genuinely nice."

"Ashley was an expert as far as I am concerned and represented the store with exceptional class and customer service. Thank you Ashley!”

“I had the pleasure of visiting your Wedding Bell bridal shop this past weekend to look for my wedding gown, and I had a wonderful experience because of your staff - especially Marisa and Ashley.  I was looking at dresses on my own, because my mom and sister are on the east coast and my close friends were out of town, but the girls all made me feel comfortable, special and taken care of.  I came in on Sat to try on several Mikaella dresses, and then returned on Sun to make a decision.  Marisa was great on Sat and Ashley also came by several times to offer her opinion and make suggestions about the overall look.  On Sun, Ashley made sure she had time to spend with me while I retried two dresses many, many times.  She was focused, attentive, honest (I hope!), patient, and felt like my sister giving me advice - she even asked her staff to give me their opinions on the dress, and didn't rush me out even though another client came in for her appointment.  Since Sun, she has been incredibly helpful and patient as I send her many questions about the dress, veil, and bolero, and she's been very responsive to every question.  One of the reasons I decided to buy my dress was because of the personal and comfortable feeling I got from Ashley, and the great service I got from her staff I'm sure is also a result of Ashley's management style.  You are lucky to have her!  I'm excited to get my dress and I hope my experience continues to be as great up until it's on the plane with me to Florida!!”

"Thank you again for all your help!  You have the kindest staff I've ever dealt with, it was a fun and memorable day!"

" You were wonderful and very personable!"

"Jessie was so wonderful. The dress I ended up buying was one that she picked out after figuring out what my style was. I really felt like we connected and she was invested in my experience. She was supportive and encouraging throughout the process and made me feel at ease. I will forever be grateful to her for helping me find the perfect dress for my wedding."

"Excellent Service! Thank you!"

"Fabulous! I bought my dress there for my upcoming Vegas wedding. I bought a stock dress and was going to have to get it taken in, but Ashley called me because they got a brand new smaller size in and she asked if I wanted to switch my stock one for the brand new one! That was going above and beyond! I've gone in and out of the store at least 20 times since I bought my dress, looking for more little things to buy! Also, they had my wedding shoes dyed HOT PINK and they turned out wonderful! This is an amazing store! Highly recommend!"

"My daughter, Emily, and I came to The Wedding Bell looking for Emily's gown, and Danielle was so sweet.  My daughter has had such a hard time finding a dress anywhere. We had to come in twice, and Ashley helped us on our second visit. I must say the store's layout is great, so clean and free of clutter. Ashley was great, I want to take her to lunch to pick her brain. She had so many helpful suggestions for the wedding and made Emily feel so comfortable and at ease. I just wanted to say The Wedding Bell has great staff members and a great store!"

"Fantastic people, beautiful dresses!"

" Ashley, first of all, let me say how MAGNIFICENT your assistance was the day of the wedding. You've become a sweet friend to Jen in addition to providing her your outstanding and professional service. Her hair and make up turned out did a phenomenal job!!! We couldn't have done it without you or asked for more. Thanks sooooooo much!! It was fun meeting your mom. She's as beautiful as you are :-D."

"Danielle was an absolute angel throughout this process. Many thanks to her again and for all that you all did to help me arrange all of the modifications on the dress."

"I wanted to thank you for finding me the perfect wedding dress!!!  I was in the shop on 8-9-09 and walked out with my perfect dress. Danielle was the consultant that I worked with.  She was fantastic!!!  I told her three things I wanted in my dress, picked out my five and she found me the perfect dress with her choice pull.  I didn't even try on my last dress!  I am so happy with my dress and so pleased that I got to work with Danielle.  You made a great choice in having her on your staff!  Her conversation was engaging and her honesty was greatly appreciated!"

"Jessie was wonderful! Jessie was accommodating, funny and creative! Thank you so much, I love my dress and even the veil I didn't think I would ever want!"

"They have the best selection. I was looking for something I haven't already seen at a million weddings, and The Wedding Bell was the only store that had amazing and unique styles at the right price. If I would have known ahead of time, it would have saved so much time and stress.  Don't bother going anywhere else.  Thanks Ladies!!!  You were all great!"

"Danielle was amazing to have as my consultant! She was so friendly and helpful and made me feel comfortable being there. It was an amazing quaint shop and I am so happy I bought my dress from you."

"Ashley helped my soon to be daughter in law as well as myself and was great! She went above and beyond to give us great service!"

"The Wedding Bell is a complete experience! The store is beautiful and well laid out (not too crowded, dresses are organized). The Staff is very patient and encouraging-determined to find just the right dress for the bride. Very classy and attentive. Attention paid to every detail."

"Marissa and Ashley - Thank you so much for both of your help. You were so sensitive and compassionate! Was a Great Experience!"

“You are fantastic! Wouldn't recommend anyone else!"

"Danielle was wonderful.  She has a wonderful talent and is very comfortable to work with."

"I am so happy I found you guys! You made my wedding dress process so EASY!  You knew exactly what I wanted....Even better than I did!  You made this a very enjoyable experience! I would and plan to recommend you to anyone!  Especially Ashley!  She was awesome!  Thank you so much!"

"Kathy was really attentive to what I was liking and was able to tell what was going to look good on my body. She helped to determine what could be changed with alterations and overall made it a really great experience. My mom and I had a wonderful time and ended up canceling the appointment that we had for the following day."

"I want to thank you for your excellent customer service yesterday!  You were very patient and extremely helpful. : )"

"Jessie was so wonderful. The dress I ended up buying was one that she picked out after figuring out what my style was. I really felt like we connected and she was invested in my experience. She was supportive and encouraging throughout the process and made me feel at ease. I will forever be grateful to her for helping me find the perfect dress for my wedding."

"Pleasant, precise, and extremely professional service!  I would definitely recommend The Wedding Bell to any future bride and wedding party or to anyone looking for wedding formal attire!  Great selection and reasonable prices!"

"Very pleasant group!  Knew exactly what dress was needed!  Perfect choice! Thank you for all your help, Ashley!"

"Ashley was amazing.  She picked out the most beautiful dress for me.  I will feel like a princess on my wedding day."

"Thanks so much!  :-)  Excellent service!"

"Marissa - Thank you so much for all your help.  I had an amazing experience at The Wedding Bell."

"Thank you!  You guys are always wonderful!  We love it here!"

"Kathy was the best consultant ever....She really made me feel special and took the extra time to help me try to find the perfect dress."

"I just want to let you know that the wedding show will always be one of my favorite memories of our pageant process.  The staff was so great and we had so much fun!  I hope to see you at the pageant!  Thank you for a great time and all your generosity!"

"So wonderful.  My wedding planning is 100% easier now.  Thank you so much!"

"Kim was incredibly sweet and knowledgable. She was very attentive and patient. I thought I knew what I wanted and she picked a couple dresses I wouldn't have even thought of and I ended up buying one she "just had to see on me!" I absolutely love my dress and am so thankful I came in! What a fun and memorable experience!"

"The help was fantastic, and the gowns were equally as wonderful."

"You all have been so wonderful and such a pleasure to be around. You've really made this an unforgettable experience!"

"You guys were so amazingly compassionate! Even though my budget was a tad tight you were still willing to help me out by finding a dress that was within my range and even found it in my favorite color. You were extremely attentive and willing to listen to my needs.  It was so much fun. It's not often that I get to go to such a lovely boutique and this one was the best by far."

"Everybody and everything was perfect! Melissa was the best!"

"The Wedding Bell was the last of my three stops for the day. Beth and the rest of the staff were phenomenal! I felt like the only bride there. There were no hard charging sales pressure and they allowed us to stay past closing time to make sure I got it just right. Thank you all so much!!"

"Kim had a great sense of humor and provided good feedback. I was amazed that as a "curvy" girl I found a dress off the rack that fit me!"

"Kathy, she was great! Very helpful, really attentive and she would even make jokes, so it was like shopping with a friend!”

"I'm so glad I came here. I thought it was going to be a long difficult process but it wasn't!!! Marissa was VERY helpful and made me feel comfortable!"

"Thank you so much for my experience last Saturday. After spending the day at many other appointments, I was starting to really feel like a number, not like a bride. I have waited 35 years to try on a wedding dress, and Marissa was so funny and attentive towards me and my entourage, I can't thank you enough. I would like to come in this week and get my measurements done and order my dress. I truly fell in love with it, and I'm done looking. Also, Marissa sealed the deal. Please give that girl a raise."

"I can't believe I found my dress!! I am so pleased I stopped by - after going to the name brand stores and wasting hours of my life - just to be disappointed. I finally found the perfect one! Thank you so much!!"

"Service is excellent!"

"Good service! Very helpful!"

"Melissa was super helpful and was not pushy.  Really gave me my space to make my own decision -- which is a rarity in bridal salons.  Thank you for helping me!"

"Wonderful service!  Thank you!"

"Marissa was knowledgeable, sweet and a great addition to your team."

"It was a GREAT experience!! Couldn't have asked for more!  Selection exceeded my expectations because I found MY DRESS!!"

"I was in yesterday, and just wanted to say "Thank you, thank you, thank you" again for letting me try on the dress!!! In the back of my mind I knew that that was "the one" but with only trying it on once last month, it was hard to be sure.  Once it was on I knew it was perfect!!"

"The Wedding Bell was a wonderful experience, and I look forward to referring new bridal parties to your beautiful and fun store!  The bridal service was top-notch and very friendly!  Great job by all!"

"Kathy was really attentive to what I was liking and was able to tell what was going to look good on my body. She helped to determine what could be changed with alterations and overall made it a really great experience. My mom and I had a wonderful time and ended up cancelling the appointment that we had for the following day."

"The girls that helped me were both fabulous and fun.  Please pass along my appreciation to both of them."

"Melissa was very professional, patient, caring, helpful, and attentive. You gave positive personal input to us in choosing the dress that she felt complimented my daughter's body-build. She was a great asset to our shopping experience."


Just wanted to send you a "HUGE THANK YOU" for the service and support we received from you and all those at "The Wedding Bell" who made Jen's wedding day so MAGNIFICENTLY successful!!  From beginning to end, your presence was essential! One of the tips I will pass on to my friends is to purchase "The Day of Package", it's well worth the expense! I couldn't imagine how our day would have gone without it. You made Jen relaxed, and, because of this, she didn't worry about things beforehand. She was a beautiful bride because of your outstanding and professional service. You and the other staff at "The Wedding Bell" really know about the wedding essentials, you are well versed in your field. We received first class service from picking out all the dresses (bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride) to preparing for the wedding and culminating on the big day. Any future bride who doesn't experience what you have to offer is truly missing out!  Thanks again for EVERYTHING, Ashley, you're the best at what you do! -- Hugs, Susan Allardice (MOB)

**Jen purchased our "Day of" package.  Ashley had the best time getting to know her and her family.  I love the umbrellas and how great Jen looks in the dress!



Hello! I just wanted to finally send you guys some pictures from my wedding! :) Its almost been a year! wow! We were married Sept 13th 2008 at the Tacoma Landmark Convention Center! I love all the girls at the Wedding Bell! Everyone was extremely helpful! I think I tried on every dress in the store at least once and never once felt like I needed to hurry and make a decision! I even ordered a wedding gown and than a few weeks later when I came in to find my bridesmaid dresses I found a gown I LOVED even more! Kim, without even heisting let me switch my gown! I know that would not have happened at other bridal stores! :) Beth was amazingly helpful! She helped us pick out a great bridesmaid dress that could be altered to fix my 8 month pregnant matron of honor! She also helped size and alter my bridesmaid who had gave birth just weeks before the wedding! Both dresses turned out beautiful! I honestly could not have asked for more! Whenever I hear about someone getting engaged I always make sure to tell them about you guys!! I have attached some photos! Thanks again! -- Eryn Whipple(Hoke)

**Eryn just looks stunning, and all of the girls look great!


Hello Wedding Bell! I want to thank you for your wonderful wedding gown services! First, I have to say that I am incredibly impressed with the variety and quality of the dresses at your store. They are far above and and beyond those at the other bridal salons I have looked at . Needless to say, I found my perfect gown at your location. I would also like to thank Beth for doing an extraordinary job on my alterations (she had to take my dress down three sizes and put side seams in it to make it more of a dropped-waist style!!!). My wedding was on February 21st, 2009 and my dress looked perfect. I always refer anyone and everyone to your shop - my best friend just bought her wedding gown at The Wedding Bell last weekend. :) Thanks again for your amazing service. -- Mandy Muller

**I love the downtown Tacoma area for weddings. You can't get more picture-perfect than a beautiful couple by the Museum of Glass. Thanks again, Mandy, for sending us the images!


Hello Wedding Bell Divas! I was just going through my wedding pictures and wanted to pass along a thank you to all of you at the Wedding Bell. You ladies are the BEST! I got married about a year and a half ago (April 06) and you totally saved me and my bridal party with alterations and accessories. I could not have asked for a better experience than I had with you all - fun, fun fun, just what a wedding should be! You made myself, sister, mom and flower girl look perfect for the big day. Best wishes and thanks again, over a year later... -- Jenn Crawford (Calligan)

**What a cute couple!


Hi Kim, I bought my dress last winter when Beth still owned the store, but I had to say I loooooove the new location (at least from driving by every morning and afternoon) and think it looks so much more modern and comfortable. I hope that it stays cool and brings in even more traffic (and I think it will). :-) I can't believe you don't have at least a picture on your blog, yet! I wanted to let you know that I'm on and I highly recommend you lurk there if you don't already. ;-) Vendors are frowned upon if they participate in the message boards, especially just to promote themselves but you can definitely see the trends and hear what Seattle area brides are up to. I have a review of the Wedding Bell (all positive) forthcoming in my bio. If you're ever on, I'm wsukarebear! I loved my dress and it just made me feel great on the wedding day. I had been shopping in four other boutiques and none of those experiences produced THE dress. ;-) We walked into the Wedding Bell and without hesitation my friends said, "you HAVE to try on that dress!" It was so me and definitely the one! My entire experience was seamless, friendly, efficient and positive. I felt like royalty on the wedding day and I think it was thanks to the dress I found at the Wedding Bell, that I had seen no where else! I'm attaching a few pictures--as a photographer you may appreciate that we did a "day after" photo shoot in Seattle and we went in the water. It wasn't bad--but very heavy--and may have even come out a little cleaner than before we went in. Ha ha! -- Kari (Kiehn) Bradley

**Doesn't she look gorgeous??






Now that we have our pictures back from the wedding I thought I’d send a quick thank you and offer a couple photos in case you would like them for a portfolio, if you have one. The wedding went very well… especially considering what Mother Nature had in store for us. We of course had planned an outdoor wedding at a family property on July 21st, the day of record rain! The rain started just after I had my photos taken with the bridesmaids & flower kids and it kept getting harder all night. Luckily we had the tent that everyone could fit under, so the dance floor became the altar and the aisle wove through the tables. Looking back, even if we could take away the rain we wouldn’t. It was perfect, and so memorable.

Thank you for taking care of me and my dress. Though the alterations were completed at the last minute, it was amazing. And we even managed to get most of the grass & mud stains out of my train!

Dani (Nault) & Erik Kessler






I was a Wedding Bell bride, in September of 2006. Some of my fondest memories of the wedding planning process took place with Beth and Marquelle. I would recommend and have recommended your shop to other brides since, as I cannot imagine having gone anywhere else myself! I felt as though I had their full attention anytime I was there, and that they would (and did) go above and beyond to make sure that my experience with The Wedding Bell would be one of the most seamless, enjoyable and memorable experiences in the sometimes stressful process of planning a wedding! When all was said and done, myself, my bridesmaids, the flower girl and my mom were all very impressed by the quality of service we received and the beautiful end products. The dresses were all beautiful, Beth pulled off some amazing things with our alterations! It was a little sad when I didn’t have an excuse to return and visit with them, as that was one of the things I enjoyed so much, was to visit with them! I know the shop has sold and I have since returned as, a bridesmaid. I can honestly say that the shop has the same warmth, kindness and sincerity in the customer service I received as a bride. My girlfriend was overjoyed with how “special” she felt trying bridal gowns on and it brought back my fond memories! Beth and Marquelle even remembered me, which was just a reminder to me, that for them…this is not just a job, this is something they take pride in and truly enjoy being a part of. Kim seems like a wonderful new owner as well, and the shop looks amazing…very up to date, warm and inviting! Thank you for everything you did to make my wedding day turn out just perfect…it wouldn’t have been the same without you! -- Courtney (Whitman) Berg

**Thanks, Courtney! You are so sweet!





Each member of the staff at The Wedding Bell deserves a pat on the back and a round of applause for making my dress literally fit like a glove all night and getting it ready in time! We ordered in July and it arrived a month before the wedding needing it taken in at the bust and when I picked it up a week before the wedding I had a hard time getting myself out! Beth, the seamstress, also picked out a gorgeous dress for my mom a WEEK before the wedding which she got sooo many raves and reviews about!! I got my whole attire - shoes, veil, hair comb/tiara, dress at the shop and this was the ONLY shop I went to!! If you're looking for a unique, one of a kind, special dress this is the place to go... they make you feel like a princess! -- Stephenie (Lillie) Ramage

**I love this picture of them jumping. Stephenie looks so great in her dress! Thanks, Steph!



I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to all of the wonderful employees at The Wedding Bell who made my process of purchasing my wedding dress so wonderful. From the first appointment and trying on the many dresses all the way to fittings and final delivery I was treated with the utmost professionalism and high level of customer service. All of the women who helped me made the experience truly special. It shows that they realize how significant and meaningful this aspect of the wedding is. It was so great to know that I didn't have to stress one bit about the dress or the alterations, etc. Everything was taken care of without a hitch and every detail was covered. Everyone truly went out of their way to ensure that I had an exceptional experience. On my wedding day I felt like a princess. I've attached a couple of photos. Best regards, Alyson (McBride) Spaulding

**Alyson just looks stunning in her gown. What a lucky guy!







One word - SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!!! I walked into your inviting, cozy little store on the recommendation of my good friend Courtney Berg (also a Wedding Bell Bride). Not only were the girls friendly and helpful, the selection was amazing and I ended up finding my dream dress right off the rack!!! Beth meticulously and perfectly tailored my dress to fit like a glove and made sure it was absolutely clean and pressed for my big day. In fact, because of the exceptional and warm serviced I received, I ended up picking out a stunning bridesmaid dress for all three of my girls (thank you Marquelle for trying it on so we could see what it looked like :o) !). And to top THAT off, Beth was able to alter my Maid Of Honor's dress to fit comfortably, as she was 9 months pregnant at the time of my wedding!!! Not only will I praise and recommend The Wedding Bell, I will remember my experience for the rest of my life. Thank you so much. All The Best, Amber (Chuculate) Matthews

**Amber looks so happy. Amber and her bridesmaids were just great to work with!


Thank you to all the staff at the Wedding Bell for such a great experience. I went with my mom to try on dresses and I found the perfect dress on dress number 3. My mom and I went to some other stores that day but we ended up coming back the next day to the the Wedding Bell to get my dress. I just fell in love with it! It was the perfect enchanted dress to have at our castle wedding. All of your girls there were great!

**Jennifer and Greg picked a beautiful location to get married at. We really enjoyed working with you, Jennifer! You looked stunning!


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